Cardiac Cath lab/Interventional Radiology Nurse

$49 - $75 yearly
  • MLK Community Healthcare
  • Jul 03, 2024
Full time Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist (RCIS) Cardiovascular Technologist (CVT) Interventional Cardiologist (IC) Registered Technologist (RT)



The Cardiac Cath lab/Interventional Radiology Nurse is a skilled and experienced professional Registered Nurse (RN) responsible for excellence in the clinical practice of nursing and the management of patient care. Reporting to Cardio Pulmonary Services with a dotted line to Acute Care Nursing. The Cardiac Cath Lab and Interventional Radilogy Nurse has10 hour accountability for organizing, planning, directing, coordinating, and providing high quality, individualized patient/family centered care based on the Watson Model of Care for a defined group of patients, including the identification and demonstration of abilities to meet special needs and considerations of Age and Population Specific awareness. This specialized nurse will primarily support Cardiology and Interventional Radiology, but also many clinical departments for conscious sedation procedures for patients with the ASA1 and ASA2 medical determiniations throughout the hospital (Peri-OP, Nursing, and Endoscopy) and cardiac monitoring, when required (Lexisan procedures, CT and MRI testing).  This position requires the full understanding and active participation in fulfilling the Mission of Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital. It is expected that the employee will demonstrate behavior consistent with the Core Values. The employee shall support Martin Luther King, Jr. Community  Hospital's strategic plan and the goals and direction of the quality and performance improvement process activities.



1. The nurse demonstrates the use of nursing process as a problem solving model; utilizing their knowledge and experience to anticipate and plan to meet patient and family needs. 

2. Nursing assessment is focused to target areas most productive for a given patient population or situation. Recognizes subtle changes in clinical situation; evaluates and appropriately alters the plan of care.  Is accountable for prioritizing and organizing patient care and ensuring follow through with planned care.  

3. Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age and needs of the patients served on the assigned unit. Consistently applies current literature/research findings and critical thinking skills to make sound clinical decisions. 

4. Demonstrates the Hospital's Patient Satisfaction effort when interacting with patients, families, and co-workers.

5. The nurse develops and maintains a therapeutic nurse/patient relationship throughout the health care continuum.  Respect for patient’s rights is an integral part of the nurse/patient relationship as reflected in our values and mission. Conducts hourly rounding on patients.

6. The nurse communicates utilizing the SBAR in all hand-off situations.

7. Performs documentation of patient care including: assessment, interdisciplinary plan of care (IPOC), implementation, evaluation, and the Watson Model of Care following unit specific and hospital documentation policies and procedures.

8. Anticipates variables affecting patient comfort and alters physical and psychosocial interventions accordingly, using a variety of modalities.  Assists patient/family to maximize sense of control and actively participate in his/her recovery.  

9. Monitors and manipulates the physical environment to promote safety

10. Recognizes and provides age specific care in the treatment, assessment, and education of adolescent, adult, and geriatric patients.  

11. Promotes interdisciplinary collaboration between and among nurses, physicians, and other members of the health team to meet the specific care needs of patients.   

12. Collects and analyses the patient data to regulate and ensure fluid and electrolyte balance as well as airway patency and adequate gas exchange. Intervenes appropriately to correct imbalances.

13. Assists with intubation and maintains ventilated patient during procedure.

14. Understands pathophysiology related to a patient with imbalance between myocardial oxygen supply and demand resulting in impaired cardiac function, as well as patients experiencing arrhythmias, both atrial and ventricular.

15. Assesses and intervenes based on patients signs and symptoms, correlated diagnostic test results.

16. Administers medications, including vasoactive drugs, antiarrhythmic and other cardiac and emergency medications, safely and understands indications and expected outcomes.

17. Understands indications for procedural interventions and how these alter patient pathophysiology, including application and use of pacemakers (external, transcutaneous and permanent) when applicable, thus changing patient plan or care.  

18. Interprets diagnostic information obtained during procedures and communicates/assesses/intervenes appropriately, ie: Information from hemodynamic parameters, pressure wires, EKG interpretation.

19. Monitors patients with thrombolytic agents including intra-arterial and recognizes possible complications.

20. Manages coagulation of patient accurately, pre, intra and post procedure.

21. Assists with a variety of procedures, both Cardiac and Interventional Radiology related. 

22. Exhibits knowledge of indication and sets up equipment for procedures performed in the Cardiac Catheterization & Interventional Radiology Suite. 

23. Troubleshoots diagnostic equipment, ie hemodynamic monitoring equipment, EKG equipment, pacers, etc.

24. Re-establishes and maintains hemodynamic stability in patients experiencing hypovolemic, septic or cardiogenic shock.  

25. Admits and recovers patients according to policy and procedure. 

26. Removes arterial line and/or femoral or radial sheath post procedure per order. 

27. Demonstrates commitment to meeting the learning needs of patients and families.  Utilizes appropriate resources to meet those needs and achieve positive patient outcomes.  

28. Works with other nursing and clinical departments during the patient’s stay and takes a proactive role in coordinating interdisciplinary communication between departments (Nursing, Cardiology, Radiology, Peri-Op, etc).

29. Reviews all orders on patients and communicates changes in patient condition with physician and other team members.  Contacts the physician promptly with significant changes in patient's condition, collaborates professionally for required orders and follows-up with revised care. 

30. Evaluates the effectiveness of nursing interventions and documents outcomes in the IPOC.

31. Demonstrates ability to plan, supervise, instruct and evaluate ancillary nursing personnel, floats, orientees and registry staff as needed during a patient assignment.

32. Demonstrates ability to work alone and with team members, is technically inclined related to monitoring and transfusion devices, and can perform under pressure with very ill patients.

33. Upholds professional appearance and demonstrates such through adherence to dress code. Wears hospital I.D. badge and promotes the standard of proper identification for peers and staff.

34. Maintains a safe and clean environment that complies with regulatory standards including Patient Safety Goals.

35. Participates in the implementation of the unit specific Quality and Performance Improvement Plan when requested and  completes monitoring forms and reports findings to the Department of Quality and Licensing's.

36. Other duties as assigned.  



MLK Community Healthcare

Job Requirement


A.   Education

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

B.  Qualifications/Experience

  • Minimum of two (2) year of clinical nursing experience in Telemetry or Critical Care (ICU, PACU, ER) nursing with regard to regulatory guidelines and standard of practice.
  • Minimum two (2) years of Cardiac Cath Lab experience
  • Current California Registered Nursing license
  • BCLS and ACLS certification required
  • Certification in CRN or CCRN preferred
  • Managing Aggressive Behavior (MAB) within 90 days of hire or notification  of requirement
  • Adult moderate sedation class required within 30 days of hire and maintained every 2 years 


C.   Special Skills/Knowledge

  • Bilingual skills preferred (Spanish)
  • Basic computer skills
  • Electronic Medical Record experience preferred

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