About Our Listings

An account must be created through HealthJobConnect's website to post your position. To get started, create your account here: www.healthjobconnect.com/registration.

The net cost for a 30-day online listing is only $500, for 90 days is $1,350, and for 365 days is $4,500.

Once your account is created, and the job is posted, your position will appear across the HMP Global Learning Network.

If you have any questions, please contact Colleen Waters at cwaters@hmpglobal.com.

HMP Global Learning Network

We are the force behind Healthcare Made Practical—a multichannel leader in healthcare events and education, with a mission to improve patient care.

HMP Global Learning Networks are comprehensive educational and networking resources for healthcare professionals, offering daily news updates across therapeutic areas and specialties; expert-driven podcasts, videos, and interviews; debates and roundtables with key opinion leaders; exclusive multimedia coverage of live meetings in individualized newsrooms; and access to fully accredited conferences and continuing education programs.